Fun and Excitement at Legoland Malaysia

Fun and Excitement at Legoland Malaysia

From the main entrance until the backyard, Legoland Malaysia is filled with fun and excitement for all of you seeking adventure and adrenaline rush all at one place. Roller coasters, Virtual Reality ride, train ride, water raft, go-kart, games, 4D movies, food and Instagrammable spots, you name it all, you can find them in Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland Express

The first ride you might want to hop on is Legoland Express. This ride will bring you around the whole area, so you can see and survey which ride you want to try next, as it moves slowly on its track. It is a mini train with open wagons, so you can feel the wind as you move and take pictures of your surrounding.  

Hogwart's Castle Entrance

Dragon's Apprentice

One of the three roller coasters in Legoland. If you are a fan of roller coasters like me, this is the first one you want to try because it is the easiest one. While you're 'busy' yelling out of excitement, don't forget to be alert of the camera and smile as it captured your moment on the roll.  

The Dragon

Enter the Hogwart's Castle to find this Dragon. The beginning is eerie as you enter the cave and witness the story of Goblins along the track. The rush begins the moment you exit the cave. The train will stop and you will be pushed down the track. If you can find the camera the first time on the Dragon, you will immediately, officially gain my respect. The Dragon is not for the faint hearts.  

The Great LEGO Race

This is the most fun roller coaster because you will be attached to Virtual Reality head gear. As you roll and tumble on the coach of four, you will feel like you are a part of a LEGO Race. The downside is, if it drizzles when you ride, you won't get to wear the VR gear.  

More fun at Legoland Malaysia

Visit Legoland official website to find out more about other rides you can try. There are also tons of activities you can do with your friends and family, fun for adults and kids likewise.