Sinar Eco Resort, Pekan Nenas

Sinar Eco Resort, Pekan Nenas
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Pekan Nenas nestled in the Pontian town district with an estimated population of 10,000. This is where you would find an eco-tourism resort named Sinar Eco Resort. Sinar Eco Resort began with two Swiftlet houses. The property surrounded by mother nature remained as a private holiday villa for many years. As a private holiday villa, animals and adventures activities were introduced. To share the joy of rural farm living, Sinar Eco Resort was established in 2016.

Driving from Johor Bahru city centre takes you 50 minutes to arrive at Sinar Eco Resort. If you are driving from Singapore, the resort is approximately 48 minutes away from Tuas Checkpoint and 55 minutes from the causeway. As you approach the destination, you would find the resort is nestled deep within an oil palm plantation. Surrounded by luxurious mother nature, you will begin to appreciate the ecological building structures as you set foot in the resort. Apart from that, you will be greeted by a large variety of animals.

You would find that all activities cater to all age groups. However, for those who are adventurous and adrenaline-seeking, you can enjoy their selection of thrilling and fast-paced activities such as driving an ATV or a Buggy. Conversely, if you are looking for a laid back and leisure paced holiday, a slow cruise down the river with your loved ones may be your choice of activities. In addition, you must indulge yourself in interacting with the animals in Sinar Eco Resort. Bonus if you are a milk lover, Sinar Eco Resort offers you a once in a lifetime chance of milking a cow. 

Photo credits to Sinar Eco Resort

Sinar Eco Resort also offers a variety of team building events for corporate companies. You will be able to engage with the resort by conducting a series of team-building games. These games are designed to promote healthy competition within your team and foster quality working relationships. One of the examples of you and your team will be involved in gathering surrounding materials, creating an eco homemade raft to get across a river. You will be required to accomplish the task with basic knot-tying skills and get creative with your fellow colleagues. 

Now to the accommodation. You will find the rooms in Sinar Eco Resort are fully furnished and equipped with basic needs. Repurposing shipping containers with a touch of modern comforts, you will immerse yourself in the likes of Luxury Rooms and Natural Breeze Room. If you are looking for a theme room, Sinar Eco Resort has Caribbean and Legends of Music themed rooms up for your choice of selection.

Photo credits to Sinar Eco Resort

To capture your time in Sinar Eco Resort in style, be inspired by natural picturesque sites. From the friendly animals, evening sunset to lush greens backdrops, you will find yourself confined to a photo studio. For an amateur in photography but would like to capture the beauty of Sinar Eco Resort, you opt to speak to the friendly Sinar Eco Resort for advice on sites to grab the perfect shot that is Instagram worthy! 

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