RM14m To Boost Johor Tourism

RM14m To Boost Johor Tourism
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Johor Budget 2021 will focus on three main foundations, namely: improving the people’s well-being, driving economic recovery, and building the state’s fiscal and economic resilience. “Resilient For Prosperity” being the theme of the budget, one of the sectors badly impacted by the pandemic which the state government needs to rejuvenate is tourism industry.


One-off aids under Benevolent Johor agenda

Under ‘Benevolent Johor‘ agenda, the state government has allotted some one-off aids to affected parties due to the waves if pandemic in Malaysia, especially in Johor. Registered tourist guides in Johor will receive RM1000 one-off aid, RM320,000 one-off fund was set aside for 16 state and district tourism associations, and 586 tourist agency companies will receive RM2000 one-off grant.

To further help the industry players, the state government has also decided on the budget so that selected theme parks and family entertainment centers are exempted from entertainment duty. Exemption of payment of business license is also applicable to 1031 tourism-related companies in Johor.

Other than that, RM500 one-off aid will be given to 5025 taxi, limousine taxi and airport taxi owners.

While tourism industry will take a longer time to rebound seeing the new wave of pandemic in this country, these aids will surely help individuals and companies involved in this industry.


Majestic Johor campaigns for tourism in Johor

Despite Visit Johor 2020 cancellation due to Covid-19, Tourism Johor welcomes 2021 with Majestic Johor campaigns to rebuild Johor as tourists’ choice of destination. RM500,000 is allocated under this campaign to realize Johor Tourism Interchange (JTI). The purpose of JTI is to digitize tourism economy industry for the benefit of tourism industry players. This is also in line with the state government agenda #LuaskanKuasaDigital in constructing Johor Digital Hub.

Majestic Johor also calls for the revision of Johor Tourism Masterplan 2014-2023 to make it more relevant and sustainable post Covid-19 tragedy this whole year which has left the whole masterplan laggard.

This campaign will also oversee RM1.5 million worth of tourism vouchers to invigorate lodging and shopping segment and RM5 million fund to build and upgrade district facilities, homestays, desastays and national parks in Johor.

Read more at www.makmurjohor.com.


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