Pick Up A New Skill Today!

Pick Up A New Skill Today!
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Besides mastering academic knowledge and skills, there are many things you can learn in life. Some of us take short courses for a better quality of life, some for health while some for hobbies. Whatever your interest and whatever your age, learning something new is not only fun, it can also be good for you.

Iskandar Puteri offers a few educational and enrichment centres for people to learn something new whenever possible. Below are some of the places you can go to:

For your kids

Do you know that there is a way to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses? You can also find out the personality traits of your child so that you can help improve the learning capabilities, communication skills and relationship with your child. Talents Tech provides fingerprint analysis service where they scan all 10 fingerprints using a biometric scanner to examine the inborn elements in your child. The report from this scan will show you the below facts: 

  • Personally, motivation, values and preferences 
  • Teamwork, competitive leadership, reliability, stress tolerance 
  • Learning and communication approach
  • Talents, intelligence, managerial and sales potential 
  • Conscious and subconscious characteristics 

Talents Tech

From the information acquired, the experts will also be able to recommend parenting methods that will work on your child. 

Another educational centre excellent for your little one is Alphakidz Edu. They provide various courses to prepare your child in this fast-paced technological world. Your child will be able to learn robotics engineering, web and application development, coding and other short courses designed for kids. When your child grows up, he or she could contribute to the popular program or software developing and robotics engineering fields. Besides that, the courses will also help your child on useful life skills – critical and creative thinking. 

Get active 

It is vital to learn to survive in water, regardless of your age. During emergencies, you can save yourself and even others. Swimming is also a good way to maintain health and keep fit as you get to train your whole body. Other benefits of swimming are: de-stress, build endurance, strengthen muscle and cardiovascular fitness. 

Snorkelling is a useful skill to explore the beauty of underwater living creatures. Island hopping has become well-known in recent years. Another skill related to water is diving. After you master diving, you will be able to discover even more of the sea life. Some professional divers even save stranded people and living creatures underwater. You can learn to swim, snorkel and free dive from Marshall Scuba Swim & Safety. This academy in Eco Botanic stands out from the others because it provides training for individuals as well as those who intend to become a trainer. They only work with partners who are certified by the European Underwater Federation and hence you can rest assured of the standard and efficiency.

There are many unknown benefits of practising yoga, including improving strength, relieving back pain, boosting heart health and enhancing sleep quality. Not many people realize that yoga is a set of specific exercises, called poses, combined with specific breathing techniques and meditation principles which originated in ancient India. Just Yoga has three studios in Johor which one of them is located in Iskandar Puteri. It was established about 15 years ago with the core value of “Yoga is for everyone”. Like Marshall, Just Yoga is offering training for individuals and yoga trainers too. 

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X. Let’s find the education or enrichment centre that suits you to achieve your goals and dreams in near the future. 

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