Lefko Offers Board Games Fun at Eco Botanics

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Lefko is a board games café located in Eco Botanics, Iskandar Puteri. With its motto “Fun in Every Heart and Home”, Lefko offers  a cozy space where you can have fun playing board games with family and friends while enjoying good food.

Lefko started in September 2019, on a simple dream of the founders, Chadrick and Elaine. They dreamed of creating a community that had fun, learned and laughed together, made possible by their love of board games.

Started in September 2019 by Chadrick Yeo and Elaine Cheah, they dreamed of creating a community that bonded over fun learning and laughter. They have been board games fans and avid players since young and their love of board games have made Lefko possible.


Chadrick and Elaine’s dream is to build a community of fun loving people through Lefko.


“The word ‘Lefko’ means white in Greek. White is usually associated with clean. When we created this, we wanted to bring good, ‘clean’ kind of fun and entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“Some of our popular games include Catan, Point Salad, Exploding Kittens and many more. There are games that can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, such as Sushi Go. There is a bluffing game called Abalone.

“We can learn strategy, patience, sporting spirits and Maths through board games. We can teach finance to our kids through board games like Cryptocurrency, ” Elaine told IskandarPuteri.com.


You can enjoy your snacks while playing your games at Lefko.


“One memorable experience we’ve had at Lefko is when there was a birthday party for our regular customer.

“His whole family was there including his grandparents. They were there to celebrate him and fulfill his wish to play board games for his birthday party.

“At first the grandparents were reluctant to play because they feel like the games were not for them. But towards the end of the party, the whole family were playing enthusiastically, roaring with laughter.

“That is the story of how a six-year-old became an influencer in the family,” Elaine recalled her favorite memory at Lefko.




All board games available at Lefko are also available for purchase at the café and their website. Before deciding to buy any board games, one can try playing it at the café first. Special rates are available for members of Lefko.

One advantage of playing at the café is game masters or crews are available. They will help moderate the game so players save a lot of time from reading and learning the game rules. Lefko also caters for party and team bonding for up to 50 pax in a group.

More information can be found on Lefko website lefko.com.

Lefko’s cozy interior can fit up to 50 pax.
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