Johor Budget 2021

Johor Budget 2021
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With the theme “Resilient For Prosperity”, Johor Budget 2021 will focus on three main foundations: improving the people’s well-being, driving economic recovery, and building the state’s fiscal and economic resilience.

The three main agendas that are mentioned first in the budget presentation are Johor Food Security Agenda, Johor Digital Agenda and the establishment of Johor Economic, Tourism and Cultural Office (JETCO) in Singapore.

Johor government has decided to focus on food security agenda as the main drive of Johor economy starting 2021. Despite the turbulence amid Covid-19 and Global Trade War, facts and figures are Johor is the largest exporter of food products nationally. Johor is also the main exporter to Hong Kong, Singapore and Middle East, with RM1.87 billion to RM2 billion export to Singapore alone recorded yearly.


YAB Dato’ Ir. Hasni bin Mohammad presenting Johor Budget 2021 in Johor State Legislative Assembly on 26 November 2020.


“Embracing the digital agenda is a must and a necessity. It is not a luxury, not even a choice,” said YAB Dato’ Ir. Hasni Mohammad, Johor Chief Minister, in the presentation.

With the introduction of #LuaskanKuasaDigital, Medini and EduCity will be build to be Johor Digital Hub. Johor government promises to build infrastructure to stimulate digital economy activities and create incentives for individuals and industry players.

YAB Dato’ Ir. Hasni Mohammad was happy to announce that JETCO has been approved by the federal government. The first mission of JETCO in Singapore would be to promote investment prospects to Johor.

The budget also mentioned that a thorough research is needed in preparing the Johor Investment Master Plan 2020 – 2030 documents to support all of those initiatives.

The Chief Minister stressed that the 12 Agenda of Welfare, Empowerment and Success (Johor 12-21) stated in the budget puts people and economy as top priority.

To read the full presentation of Johor Budget 2021, go to

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