Have Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience With Emerald Boats

Have Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience With Emerald Boats
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The current lifestyle encompasses fast-paced, instant solutions. It is getting more and more competitive in the work cycle as well as businesses. You are working longer hours, wide job scope and hardly get to claim your leaves. If you are in your own business, you probably work every single day. Market leaders and business owners need to constantly find new ways to impress their target market in order to stand out. 

About Emerald Boats

Emerald Boats is a one-stop boat services company based in Johor. The services cover boat rental and charter, boat selling, boat management and maintenance, boat accessories and educational courses. Emerald Boats has been around since early 2020 and served many clients despite the pandemic. The yachts sail along the Johor Straits. The company offers yachts of various sizes, age and designs for different purposes. The company has a team of trained captains and crew to serve their guests.

Photo credits to Emerald Boats

Private Events with Emerald Boats

A private event is a special arrangement with certain objectives. Most of the time, the event is to celebrate success or love and to surprise someone. Be it business or leisure, Emerald Boats caters a one-of-a-kind experience to Johoreans and international markets when Covid19 subsides. The corporate companies have done business meetings with tea breaks on a yacht. It gives the staff and clients new experiences and at the same time achieves business goals. Apart from that, it is also an organizer for company team building activities. There are Kayak-ing, speed boats, jetski, swimming and other watersports available. 

The team in Emerald Boats have done more leisure activities in the past 1 year. Namely sunset cruises, birthday parties, wedding proposals and anniversaries, photo shooting and many more. Not only the cruising service, but it also supplies food and beverages, decorations, music, photography and drone videography, karaoke facilities and organizing activities for their guests. Each yacht can accommodate 12 to 17 persons, depending on the size.   

Seasonal Events

From time to time, the creative team at Emerald Boats will introduce unique activities to the public. The special events that took place were the Kayak course, sailing orientation programme and seafood cruising trip. The full-day Kayak course for beginners was at RM 99 per person and happened at Danga Bay. They used the Single Seat Decked Kayak to educate the public on Kayak-ing both theory and practical. The sailing orientation programme covered the topics: learn how to sail, hoist sails, trim sails, points of sail and helm the sail. Sailing programs are rare to find in Malaysia. Lucky for Johoreans to be able to access this course easily. For the seafood cruising trip, the team brought their guests to a floating restaurant. The duration was 3 hours and cost RM159 per person. 

Yacht Management and Maintenance for Yacht Owners

If you own a yacht but unsure of the maintenance, Emerald Boats offers just the right services. They not only clean and provide technical maintenance, but also help refurbish and restore old yachts. Vinyl wrapping service for cabin cruisers is one of the most popular. 

As Emerald Boats has a variety of yachts in stock, now might be the best time to invest if you have the plan to do so. 

Photo credits to Emerald Boats

Would you like to have your next birthday party or propose to your life partner on a yacht? 



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