Gleneagles Medini, Iskandar Puteri

Gleneagles Medini, Iskandar Puteri
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Located in Medini North (Zone A) in close proximity to LEGOLAND@ Park, Gleneagles Medini Hospital is the first tertiary hospital in Medini to provide quality healthcare in Iskandar Malaysia. The state-of-the-art medical facility with an adjacent 1 50-suite medical office block is expected to be operational in 2015 with 150 beds. It will subsequently be expanded to its intended capacity of 300 beds.

Future plans for the 15-acre development project include a rehabilitation center, a nursing home, a hospital residency, and other healthcare facilities. This premier hospital is poised to make Medini an attractive medical health destination in the region, spurring the growth of medical tourism and setting the benchmark for high-quality healthcare in the country.

Gleneagles Medini is developed by Parkway Pantai Limited in partnership with Global Capital & Development. Parkway Pantai’s regional network of 17 hospitals across Asia is highly regarded for its range of medical services, depth of expertise, and quality patient care.

Building on the strong track record of Parkway Pantai, Gleneagles Medini is set to attract patients from both the local and international markets. The construction of new roads in the Iskandar region will also make the hospital easily accessible to medical travelers from Singapore and patients coming from other parts of Malaysia.

Address: No.2, Jalan Medini Utara 4, Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Phone: +6075601000
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