Fun, Stay-Home Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year And Valentine’s Day 2021

Fun, Stay-Home Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year And Valentine’s Day 2021
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Whether you are celebrating the upcoming festival – Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in Movement Control Order (MCO) or not, you are encouraged to stay home and explore different ways to celebrate! 

Chinese New Year

Before the celebration, it is a tradition to carry out spring cleaning before the festival. The Chinese believe this activity is to bring good energy, luck and fortune. There are many cleaning companies in Iskandar Puteri, Icuci Clean is one of the options to go for. Icuci Clean was established 5 years ago and serves most of the locations in Johor Bahru. After the house is cleaned and sanitized, it is time for decoration. You can easily get decoration items such as flowers and ornaments from recently opened Romantika in Sunway Big Box. It is so convenient to drop by when you do grocery shopping at NSK. Decorating the house with red colour objects symbolise happiness and vitality.  

On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, you can opt for either cooking at home or food from a restaurant. For reunion dinner, you need fresh ingredients. Go online to search for recipes if you are not familiar with the “auspicious” dishes to prepare. Yee Sang and Poon Choy are the two common dishes for reunion dinner. Many of your family members are not able to come home for the festival this year, so remember to not overbuy. There are many places in Iskandar Puteri you can get fresh ingredients from:

Urban Green Freshmart

Ben’s Independent Grocer, Mall of Medini

NSK, Sunway Big Box

Jaya Grocer, Sunway Citrine Hub

When you shop for ingredients, remember to get mandarin oranges, beverages and cookies too. It is always fun to “masak-masak” with your family, you know the scene where you prepare the food while being asked the awkward questions (when you are getting married or how was your exam results…). 

For those who prefer to do takeaway or food delivery, you have got many options as well:

Prosperity Delights from Fraser Place Puteri Harbour

Yee Sang and cookies from The Grocer’s Kitchen

 Prosperity Burger from Mc Donald’s for a change? 

Remember to pre-order the food as some of the local restaurants might be closed from Chinese New Year day one onwards. The festival is not cancelled or taken away. You can still video call them to chit-chat, interact and even play games. Send virtual red packets instead! 

Valentine’s Day 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, love birds always prepare typical gifts for the best half and go out for a nice dinner. Flower, chocolate, clothing or perfume. Because of the pandemic, many couples are in Long Distance Relationships for months and some even for a year. Couples should either celebrate the special day at home or send creative gifts for those whose partners are far away to help straighten the pandemic curve. Some of the creative gift ideas to keep your partner physically and mentally healthy are: 

Online fitness app membership

Essential oil and diffuser set

Healthy nuts and snacks 

Gym equipment 

Or just a heartfelt love letter!  

(Photo credits to Artem Podrez)

If you must get flowers, consider Ann Floras Garden, GHM Florist or Weiss Flora located in Eco Botanic where you can pre-order in advance and grab it at the store. To celebrate at home, you can get fancy romantic decorations from SSF, Sunway Big Box such as candles or lights. 

Let’s play our part in saving lives.