Education In Iskandar Puteri

Education In Iskandar Puteri
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Private education service has witnessed robust growth after the deregulation in the late 1 990s. The open regulatory and innovative environment has supported the growth of the education sector and helped to enhance Malaysia’s reputation as a regional education destination. Education is a sector that is able to catalyze commercial and social activities around it. It spurs the growth of communities, businesses, and various other sectors through both the physical influx of students but more so the enhancing of the quality of knowledge workers within the region and most importantly, within the country.

Malaysia is positioning itself as an education destination through the availability of competitive course fees, a wide range of study options, universities and colleges, and branches of international university campuses, allowing students from different parts of the world the opportunity to acquire prestigious qualifications and quality education from well-known universities at affordable prices. Malaysia’s affordable cost of living, economically sound position, and geographically safe environment are key in positioning the country as a preferred education destination.

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