Do these activities with your kids during Ramadan

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In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month after Shaaban. During the entire month, Muslims are obligated to fast from dawn to sunset. Though children are not expected to fast until they reached puberty, many parents teach their kids to observe the Ramadan fast. By the time they are obliged to fast, it will not be difficult to adapt. The Ramadan period is also the best time to educate kids by organizing fun and exciting activities. 

In this article, we will be sharing a few activity ideas so you could try them out with your kids.  

Make A Ramadan Advent Calendar

An advent calendar was traditionally used during Christmas to count the days. In recent years, many companies are creating advent calendars for their products during festivals to boost sales. It has become a trendy design instead of a limitation to any religion. Why not make one for Ramadan? Create your own advent calendar from cardboard or unused paper box. Let your children decorate the calendar with colourful stickers, paints or anything they like. Once the box is decorated, put in dates, sweets or educational notes in each section. The educational notes can be any quote or lesson you want your children to learn. It will make your children excited and curious every time they open the drawer. 

Start A Charity Jar

This activity will keep your children busy and teach them what is Ramadan about. Ramadan is about being kind to others and help those in need. Find an empty jar from your kitchen and label it as “Charity Jar”. Guide your children to save their remaining pocket money into the jar every day throughout the month. Besides that, your children can also generate more money by selling recyclable items such as newspaper, boxes, metal and old electrical appliances. Upon the end of Ramadan, they will have an amount of money to donate to their preferred charity organization, be it animal support, children welfare or old folks home. It helps your children to have a good saving habit as well. 

Beautify The House For Raya

Have a daily schedule of cleaning and decorating the house for each family member. “Gotong-royong” or spring cleaning might sound tiring and takes a lot of effort, but if you do it a little bit every day, it will be effortless, and you will be able to achieve the desired outcome. For heavy-duty like painting the wall, schedule it on a Sunday or common rest day to do it together. Throw away the old rugs and things that are too hard to clean. Replace them with new, affordable ones. Ramadan is also the best time to dig out past years Raya decoration items to reuse them. Remove the dust and polish them with lemon oil. If required, plan a quality family day sourcing for some new items to brighten your home to received Eid. 

The Qur’an Banquet

Spare time to gather all family members at home during the holy month to recite a part of 30 parts of the Qur’an. While enjoying good iftar, strengthen family bonding with positive energy and teaching. This will benefit your children with a concrete foundation of the Qur’an and shape them into someone full of integrity, kindness and good morality. 

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