5 Restaurants To Do Takeaway For Parents’ Day

Parents' Day
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Parents’ Day is observed and celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July annually. Parents’ Day aims to promote responsible parenting and encourage positive reinforcement by parents for children. Parents’ Day also celebrates the sacrifices of parents and the special bond of family. On this Parents’ Day, be it if you are playing the role of a parent, a son, or a daughter, here are 5 restaurants for you to do takeaway in Iskandar Puteri and celebrate Parent’s day.

Sushi House Citrine Hub
Japanese cuisine has a long-standing emphasis on seasonal and fresh ingredients. At Sushi House Citrine Hub Sunway Iskandar, you can order a sushi boat upon request for you and your family. A medium boat serves a minimum of 12 servings whereas a large boat serves a minimum of 20 servings. To complement the sushi boats, you can take away a selection of sides such as Japanese grill, donburi, noodles, and many other delicious Japanese foods.

Sushi Boat
Photo Credits to Sushi House


Cheotnun Eco Botanic Korean Dessert Cafe
You can be sure to not resist Korean fried chicken as a takeaway snack. From a selection of original, spicy, honey garlic, sweet soy, and honey mustard, there are plenty of flavours for you to choose from at Cheotnun Eco Botanic Korean Dessert Cafe. As the name suggests, you would be able to take away the infamous Korean ice shaving dessert, Bingsu at the same restaurant. Although it comes with a selection of 10 flavours, the challenge would be for you to agree on a flavour as a family.

Cheotnum Eco Botanic
Photo Credits to Cheotnun Eco Botanic Korean Dessert Cafe

Vanakam Eco Botanic
It is said Indian cuisine is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cuisines. The diversity is characterised by the sophistication behind the use of spices, vegetables, and grains grown across the regions of India. Indian cuisine can also be categorised and separated by region, the northern region cuisine and southern region cuisine. Nonetheless, at Vanakam in Eco Botanic, you would be able to savour both authentic North and South Indian cuisine in one takeaway. The choices range from biryani, tandoori, curries, bread, and even vegetarian options.

Vanakam Eco Botanic
Photo Credits to Vanakam Eco Botanic

Ikar Eco Botanic
Traditionally in the Chinese culture, the special bond of family is celebrated once a year during reunion dinner. A day before the Chinese New Year, families gather and enjoy a session of lunch or dinner as a family. On this Parents’ Day, you can replicate the same with Eco Botanic’s Ikar Restaurant. There is a wide selection of soups for you and your family to takeaway, from curry soup, wasabi ginger soup, carrot creamy soup, bitter gourd creamy soup, black pepper soup, seaweed soup, tom yum soup, and the list goes on. There is soup for everyone in the family.

IKar Eco Botanic
Photo Credits to IKar Eco Botanic

Mana Cafe
Mana Cafe prides itself on its authentic kampung style cuisines and a little twist of western sides. You will be pampered with the rich selections of food available for take-away at Mana Cafe. If you are a local Johorean and a football fan, you would appreciate that the Owner of Mana Cafe is the same owner for the crowd favourite, Singgah Selalu. They are known to serve a menu that has “something for everyone”. Their selection of “goreng-goreng” is scrumptious and is a crowd-pleaser

Mana Cafe
Photo Credits to Mana Cafe
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