4 Low-Cost Business Ideas To Start with Little or No Money

pet sitting
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With the existence and growth of Covid-19, Malaysia’s unemployment rate was at 4.8% as of November 2020. Many businesses ceased their operations to survive the hard time. Whether you are suffering a loss from your business, retrenched or getting pay cut, you need an income to survive. It is getting tougher to get a job now. At the same time, you have your personal goals to achieve as well and you want to achieve them as soon as you can. Luckily for us, the advancement of technology is available for us to help us with our businesses. Let’s explore the businesses you can start now.

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is a business anyone can do. What do people need a personal shopper for? For the group of consumers who do not have the time to shop and want to ensure the goods are in the right specifications, they need a personal shopper. It is also for business owners who need someone to deliver to consumers’ hands. Depending on the goods, the charges may vary. In this case, your customers are the consumers and your business partners are the supplier of the goods. Negotiate with the suppliers to get special discounts when you shop. This way, you get an additional income from the same task. The capital to start this business is your time. You can start promoting this service to people around you first because they trust you. An example of a personal shopping service is to get fresh vegetables and other perishable items for consumers. With video call applications available, you can communicate to the consumers effectively.  

Pet Sitting

pet sitting

(Photo credits to Sam Lion)

When a pet owner has errands to run or have to head out for grocery shopping, he or she needs a pet sitter to take care of the pet(s). This business is suitable for those of you who love like pets cats and dogs. A pet sitter has to feed them, walk them, play with them and shower them if you need to. You will also need to update the pet owner from time to time. All you need for this business is your time and patience. 


Dropshipping is a business where you promote products online and get a commission when the products are sold from your platform. You can do that on your own social media. The product storing, packing, shipping and customer service are all being managed by your business partner or supplier. The most common products available to dropship are fashion, cosmetics, skincare, snacks and coffee. Dropshipping is getting more and more popular as you do not have to worry about the process, all you have to do is selling the products you like!

Cleaning Service

car wash

(Photo credits to Kamboompics.com)

Cleaning services are a high-demand service and very common in the market. However, you can make your business stand out from the competitors. You can provide additional services such as car washing and polishing, grass cutting and painting. Consumers nowadays like one-stop services that could save their time and hassle. It does not take a fortune to start this business because you will start on your own or with a friend in the beginning. You only need cleaning tools, detergents and cleaning skills. Hence, you can also offer a lower than market rate to build your customer base. Create a service SOPs on workflow and how want to serve your customers. When they are happy with your service, they will spread the words for you. 

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