3 Replacements For Tobacco To Help You Quit Smoking Soon!

3 Replacements For Tobacco To Help You Quit Smoking Soon!
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World No Tobacco Day is celebrated every year on 31st May. Created in 1987 by The Member states of the World Health Organisation to draw global attention to health diseases it causes. Although decades have passed since its first celebration, tobacco remains prevalent in today’s society. Interventions such as a ban on tobacco advertising, use of plain packaging and increased tax by governments had pushed market leaders to source replacements for tobacco.

If you are looking to replace conventional tobacco, below are our top picks for tobacco replacements

Nicotine Patches or Nicotine Gums

You can purchase nicotine patches and gums over the counter in your local pharmacy. Nicotine patches come in different strengths ( in milligrams) and are applied over the skin once per day. The patch will support your willpower and suppress your desire to use tobacco for up to 16 hours. The suggested cycle of patch usage will be over the course of 11 weeks.

Similar to a nicotine patch, nicotine gums come in different strengths and apply the same principle as chewing gum. While chewing the gum slowly, the taste gradually gets stronger.

When the taste is stronger, rest the gum between your mouth’s jaw and cheek. Resting between allows the mouth lining to absorb the nicotine. Repeat the process until the gum is tasteless. You would be able to chew the gum for up to 30 minutes.

Research suggests Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)  increases your chances of successfully quitting smoking twofold compared to willpower alone. This is because if you try quitting cold turkey, you have less chance of stopping smoking for good compared to using NRT. When quitting cold turkey, you are forced to deal with both physical withdrawal and kicking a bad habit. As a pair, they can be overwhelming for you.

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You have probably heard more about vapes than E-cigarette. Rest assured, they are the same. E-cigarette or vapes produce an aerosol by heating a liquid that usually contains nicotine. These liquids come in a myriad of flavours as wild as your imagination runs. From the flavours of tropical fruits to your soda flavour, the list grows every day. 

Despite E-cigarette or Vaping being seen as a permanent tobacco replacement, they have not been shy to attract several controversies over its usage. Defective e-cigarette batteries have caused fires and small explosions in recent times. Most such fires or explosions occur while the device is being charged. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to invest in a quality and reputable e-cigarette manufacturer while shopping for an E-cigarette. 


Varenicline is a prescription medication used to help the reliance on tobacco. Varenicline or its market name, Champix reduces your craving for tobacco and decreases the pleasurable effects of nicotine from tobacco products. During the first two weeks of the treatment, you will continue to use tobacco. However, most people will set their quit date between 10 to 14 days of the treatment. Should you decide to light up a cigarette or any other tobacco products, the treatment reduces the enjoyment you feel.


In Malaysia, the Ministry of Health has been supportive and encouraging towards “No” tobacco. If you are looking for professional support and advice, http://jomquit.moh.gov.my/ is an excellent way to step up.


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