3 Productive Ways To Live Through MCO

iskandar puteri
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Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 is here and most of you are staying home. Be proud of that because you are saving lives doing that. Even though you don’t go to the office now or less frequently, there are ways to stay productive and get things done! You can also achieve many things from home. 

Working From Home

There are 3 keys to a productive work-from-home day – conducive work environment, internet and your readiness! 

Let’s talk about the work environment. Besides getting a clean and tidy table, find a quiet room without disturbance from noises and your kids, if the situation allows. Move everything not related to your storeroom and keep only those useful so you can have a clear vision and be able to focus on the same time. Ensure you have a clean, plain, and quiet space to start with. 

Then comes the internet. If you have good Wi-Fi at home, congratulations. If you don’t, make sure your mobile hotspot quota is sufficient to avoid any buffering when you are uploading your documents, having a conference call or designing a masterpiece. 

The last vital element to an efficient workday is you. You might not have the motivation to work from home as the bed is comfortable or you might be too used to the office facilities. Here are some tips to get you ready. First, make sure you take a shower and wash your face like you usually do. Second, put on work clothes and light make up for the ladies. Look yourself in the mirror and check whether you are as ready as heading out to the office. Third, have a healthy breakfast, but not too heavy. Prepare a bottle of water to keep you refreshed in between work. Once all checked, you should be ready to work. To tell you the last secret tips, some people focus better with upbeat music. Give it a try when you need a boost! 

iskandar puteri

Photo credits to Ken Tomita

Learn Something New 

Trying something new implies stepping out of your comfort zone. It does not always end up fantastic, but it is the process that helps us grow. Before you rush into any activities or the trend, sit down and think about what you need or what you have always wanted to learn but no time. Now that you have all the time in the world, let’s list down a few new things to learn. Here are some inspirations:

  1. Language
  2. Communication skills
  3. Graphic design
  4. Marketing
  5. Human Resources
  6. Parenting

There are plenty of education providers offering free online courses, such as Alison Courses. You can learn anything you like from the portal at your own pace. The best part is all courses are free. When you are ready, test your knowledge to see if you have mastered it. If you need a study partner, invite your siblings or friends to choose a topic together. That way, you will have healthy competition! 

If you are into cooking or just following the trend, you can try new recipes as well. Get what you need when you do grocery shopping and try it out. Needless to say, there are countless online cooking videos to watch. If you like more active activities, try catching up new dance steps or workout to maintain physical health. When you look back, you will see you learned something new and add value to your life. MCO not wasted!  

Alison Courses


Keep A Positive Mind

The importance of mental health is many times overlooked. You tend to feel less happy or some people have bad moods in the MCO period. It is normal because you do not get to go out to see your friends and do what you normally do. Staying home for days could be dull and boring. Hence, it is important that you keep in touch with people you care about. They are on the same boat and need your support too. Being productive does not mean you have to work or learn all day. Good breaks are the utmost importance for a healthy mind. Play some games, watch a movie, or read a novel. Give yourself time to relax, embrace what is happening and go back to work when you are ready. It is best to plan your day after or during breakfast, so you know what you want to achieve within the day. Meditation is a good way to let go of overthinking and anxiety. Let’s help one another to stay positive during the hard times. 

What is your MCO routine? Share with us!

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