Bosses in Iskandar Puteri make their employees run - for good reasons!

What do employers at Iskandar Puteri do to ensure that their employees are happy and productive? They make them run!

No, not running away from the job or responsibilities, but by organising the weekly GBS ISKANDAR Running Gang.

Studies have shown that running and working out help increase productivity at the workplace. Researchers Stanford University recently discovered that a direct correlation exists between walking and creativity.

Besides aiding the flow of productivity and creativity, there’s also a lesser chance of your staff falling sick. So the age old adage; a healthy body, healthy mind does work!

GBS ISKANDAR Running Gang’s spirit of togetherness

The running gang, which was initiated a year ago, started out with less than 20 people but soon grew into a community of passionate runners.

“The highest number recorded was close to 90 runners during one of the sessions,” said i2M’s Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement spokesperson, Grace Liew.

The aim of starting the running gang is to build a community spirit between employers and staff, between colleagues, and among the public, instead of hard-core training for long-distance running events. It’s also part of the company’s Community Engagement Programme (CEP).

“The employers of GBS ISKANDAR companies are highly appreciative of the CEP as it has helped them in building the togetherness of their employees and provided more activities for them, especially after working hours,” explained Grace.

GBS ISKANDAR is an initiative by i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd. Established in 2013, i2M’s primary focus is on the development of strategic investment promotion initiatives for the Global Business Services (GBS) and Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) sector in Iskandar Puteri, Iskandar Malaysia.

As a specialised specialised programme under i2M, GBS ISKANDAR facilitates businesses to locate GBS operations in Iskandar Puteri, Iskandar Malaysia in pursuit of making Iskandar Puteri an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable city.

In other words, GBS ISKANDAR holds the role to welcome more people to discover their dream careers at Iskandar Puteri as well as to boost relationships among employees of the various businesses and communities within the area.

Located 15km from the Johor city centre, Iskandar Puteri is a one of the five flagship zones of Iskandar Malaysia. 

With its intention of becoming the largest fully integrated urban development in Southeast Asia that provides significant investment, financial, and business opportunities, Grace emphasised the importance of keeping populace productive, healthy, and happy.

Malaysians make 93% of the workforce at Iskandar Puteri with the remaining 7% consisting of expatriates from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and South Korea. 

Out of the 93%, Grace revealed that 40% are from the various states in Malaysia who are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s. 

“Apart from work satisfaction and advancement opportunities, the other factor in retaining them, especially in a new location, is to foster the ‘sense of belonging’ and to build personal connection through the CEP,” stated Grace.

Growing in strength and numbers

Three months ago, GBS ISKANDAR opened their running gang to the Iskandar Puteri community. With the number of runners increasing, the gang has created three different routes of 1km, 3km, and 5km to cater to runners of different speed.

“For those who can’t run, they can always walk with us or choose the shorter route,” said Grace.

The GBS ISKANDAR Running Gang is not the only initiative created by i2M so far. To date, the team has organised and implemented sports and recreational activities such as badminton tournaments, bowling and intercompany futsal as well as knowledge-sharing events that includes Thought Leadership Talks. 

These initiatives have strengthened the healthy competitiveness of businesses while fostering a kinship among themselves as part of the GBS ISKANDAR family. 

So if you’re a business owner and an employer, run together with your employees!

The GBS ISKANDAR Running Gang runs every Wednesday at 6:00pm from the police booth at Medini 6. Follow the gang on Facebook then lace up your running shoes and get pumping!



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